Indian Artist Salva Rasool's Show: Elahiya: Divine Words

Calligraphy is of great import to Islamic art. Islam has for long used it as a form of religious expression but the style is evolving with the times. Artist Salva Rasool has created abstract Arabic art, which borrows from the rich Indian heritage and blends easily with contemporary flavours. Her solo show at the IndiaHabitat Centre called “Elahiya: Divine Words”, began on the 16th of this month and is on display till December 20. “When we were young, my father was very keen for us to learn Arabic. So I learnt Arabic as a child from a teacher,” says the artist, who received her formal education in art from Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai and specialised in typography as a subject. Further, she did extensive research in the Arabic script by studying various traditional scripts. Presenting traditional works in a stylised contemporary manner is what distinctly identifies her work. “My style is fusion. I combine modern and traditional techniques to produce interesting forms of art,” states Salva.


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