Islamic Cubistic Art of Syrian artist Mouteea Murad

Syrian artist Mouteea Murad has revisited the Islamic cubistic art in his exhibition of abstract paintings “Through the Looking Glass II,” presently up at Ayyam Gallery. Murad’s first solo exhibition in Beirut is comprised of seven acrylic-on-canvas works, all “juxtaposing order and chaos,” as gallery press notes put it, of geometric abstraction.

In the early years of his career, Murad’s early painting was preoccupied with dark personalities, but he later felt the urge to reorient his work to an exploration of color.

Embracing the art history of this region, Murad takes his audience on an exploration of colorful spaces composed of stripes, squares and perspective, entirely living up to the kaleidoscopic promise of the show’s nod to “Through the Looking-Glass,” Lewis Carroll’s 1871 sequel to “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

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