Muslim World Music Day

Muslim World Music Day is an online effort to identify and catalog all the recordings of Muslim music in the world. It will be a step towards making this culturally significant body of work readily available to people around the globe for study and enjoyment.



Islamic calligraphy by Rasheed Butt

Rasheed Butt, a world renowned calligrapher, started Calligraphy in 1961. Since then he has devoted his everything to Islamic calligraphy.

The calligraphic inscriptions of Mr. Rasheed Butt fall into four catgories:

a. Qur'anic: The Holy Qur'an falls into Chapters (Suras) and Verses (Ayat)
b. Hadith: The Hadith (Traditions) is the body of sayings attributed to the Prophet (pbuh).
c. Traditional invocations or prayers.
d. Poetry, both Arabic and Persian.


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